Say Goodbye to Cold Showers​

The morning shower. The post-workout wash. The wake-up wipeout. Electric hot water systems are the heroes of Brisbane, ensuring our comfort and providing a source of hygiene, utility, relaxation or even a spare moment to yourself.

From household bathrooms and kitchens, to commercial sites and local businesses, the humble hot water systems of the region influence unexpected facets of our day. Maintaining electric hot water systems and other alternative hot water utilities is key to ensuring their longevity; though, this is not a job for the DIY electrician.

Qualified Hot Water Electrical Experts

Alba Electrical provide a premium electrical service to every Brisbane household and business, repairing and proactively preventing life’s little inconveniences. We believe in an on-time service, affordable call-out fees and carry a do-it-right-the-first-attitude; our trucks are fitted out with commonly required parts, so our qualified electricians can complete the task on-site, straight away, with minimal impact. If your electric hot water system requires a special part, Alba Electrical maintains a network of local suppliers to ensure your life can go back to normal ASAP.

3 Common Brisbane Water System Problems

Fuse or Circuit Breaker Failure | Thermostat Failure | Damaged Dip Tube
Don’t stop there. Get the complete lowdown here (link to blog) and become hot water smart now.

Don’t DIY Hot Water Systems Repair

Thinking of taking up spanner and toolkit to tackle your problematic hot water system? Convinced that calling a professional is overkill? Kill may be right, as the voltage generated by a hot water system can be deadly. Water and electricity never mix; even in the most controlled circumstances, there is no substitute for the experience and safety of a professional. Don’t spend your life trying to save a dollar; the components of a hot water system are very complicated, let an expert from Alba fix it quickly and safely.

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