Oven Repairs? Stove Repairs? Don’t Panic!

Ovens and stoves are the superstars of every kitchen in Brisbane; they are responsible for bubbling, broiling and baking an assortment of wholesome meals and delicious treats into being. However, if your stove stops working or the fan forced oven finishes, or the timer refuses to keep another minute, the best laid dinner plans can easily fall to pieces.

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Alba Electrical understand true masterpieces are created in the hearts of thousands of Brisbane households; we provide a complete kitchen appliance service, from installation, to repairs and long-term maintenance, to ensure your newly purchase miracle maker is up to scratch and running efficiently. Happy with the kitchen you have? Our Brisbane kitchen electricians have the know-how and extensive experience to guarantee your appetite pleaser gets the attention it deserves.


3 Common Kitchen Electrical Issues 

Stove Repairs

Element Failure – Replacing a burned out or faulty stove element requires careful stove repairs, carried out by a qualified electrical technician. Calling a Alba Electrical specialist will ensure you receive the right advice, at the right cost, without any guesswork.

Oven Repairs

Thermostat Failure – An overheating or under heating oven thermostat can make reheating last night’s lasagne an absolute nightmare; even a cheap pizza seems impossible. Make sure you’re safe and secure by calling a professional electrician; it may look easy online, but things can go very wrong very quick.

Oven Repairs

Faulty Mechanisms – A common Brisbane kitchen complaint, a faulty oven mechanism can spell disaster for even the simplest recipe. Don’t put up with this easily fixed issue (but don’t try it yourself either!), contact Alba Electrical and get your own personal cooking show back on track.

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