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Brisbane melts in the summer heat; hot days and clear skies are part and parcel of the Queensland climate, attracting blue-sky chasers, new residents, bigger business and droves of tourists. For those who can’t escape the swelter after a quick week in the sun, cutting through the high humidity can pose a challenge.

Are You Spending Too Much?

Stop spending too much on reverse cycle air-conditioning. Ceiling fans Brisbane wide are experiencing a renaissance and home owners just like you are reaping the benefits – ceiling fans generate lower electricity bills, increased efficiency and a comfortable home, without the quarterly charge shock.

Alba electrical will supply, install and maintain modern, attractively designed ceiling fans Brisbane residents will love. Whether you’re searching for climate controlled alternatives for your home, office or local school, Alba Electrical will match the best ceiling fans to your needs through our networking of local suppliers. Save yourself from searching “ceiling fans Brisbane” and let us do the hard work for you.

Although it may be tempting to upgrade a portable pedestal fan every year, ceiling fans can benefit your household or business by:

Saving Money: Replacing A/C with a ceiling fan can reduce your electricity account by up to 30%; spend your hard earned cash on a holiday or simply put it away for a rainy day.

Improving Efficiency: Ceilings fans are highly efficient, using low levels of electricity to operate; think around the same levels of an 80 watt reading lamp. The average A/C unit uses up to 7,000 watts. The pedestal fan equals around the same wattage with a much smaller coverage area!

Every Alba Electrical Electricians and Repairmen is qualified, licensed, experienced and most of all, customer focused. Contact us today to discover why we are Brisbane’s most reputable electrical service.

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