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Hard working. Reliable. Quality Tested. Friendly. 25 Years’ Experience. The Alba Electrical name inspires the preceding descriptors in our local Clevelandcustomers. Suspicious, soon-to-be converted customers approach our electricianswith their queries daily, searching for old fashioned, family service instead of the numbered and impersonal approach trucked out by bigger companies. We know what kind of electricians Cleveland is waiting for; accept nothing less than the best!

About Our Electricians

Alba Electrical was built upon accountability and quality; our electricians are trained, licensed and qualified, required to keep on-top of the latest industry updates or relevant changes, ensuring your property or office is in the safest hands. We source the highest quality materials, maintaining a standard of customer focused excellence, ensuring your home life, work life, workshop or factory resumes business as usual, as our experienced electricians address your electrical concerns.

Each and every staff member is invested in delivering commercial and residential services to Cleveland; our team is comprised of the experienced electricians Cleveland relies on to keep the lights on, without the highly priced call-out fee.

What We Can Do For You

Appliance repairs, circuitry issues, switchboard upgrades, domestic cabling (including phone and internet) and sensor lights, all the way up the scale to industrial machinery, power installations and factory fit-outs, the Alba Electrical team can complete every task you need right now or may require in the future. We’re repair experts, maintenance specialist and completely compliant, earning Alba a long standing reputation with Cleveland Real Estates.

Are you tired of waiting around for an electrician to show up? Get on with your day and contact a Alba Electrical specialist. Get the job done right the first time.

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