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You can’t remember the last time your weeknights were your own; a day when paperwork didn’t pile above your computer monitor or the phrase workplace safety didn’t inspire paranoid fits of rampant imaginings.

Alba Electrical will save you time and expense, increasing your power efficiency and minimising harm to valuable employees. Your search for a reputable commercial electrician managers’ trust is over; the Murarrie Alba Electrical team is ready to provide the concrete solutions you need to ensure your business is on the road to workplace compliance success.

Alba Electrical is composed of a team of expert electricians, regularly updating their skillsets to match the changing demands of the typical industrial electrician employers deserve to hire. Led by the reputable Alba , our staff combine experience with training and innovation, offering the most comprehensive and compliant service.

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What Makes Alba the Commercial Electrician Business Owners Hire?

Be Safe: When it comes to safety, Alba is the industrial electrician Murrarie company owners regularly contract to ensure the task is completed correctly and compliantly, respecting the space of workers and the functionality requirements of each circumstance.


Experience is Key:

Trialling a green electrician may be tempting, as saving money will always be a priority; ultimately, Alba bring both affordable rates and a wealth of experience to the task, maximising over twenty years’ experience fitting factories, offices and commercial spaces just like yours.

Check Our Qualifications:

We are more than proficient, highly qualified and fully licenced to certify, test and install industrial machinery, lighting solutions, power fittings, factory plans and much more, minimising the impact on your operations.

Staff Education:

Each Alba Electrical electrician routinely tests and measures equipment to gauge possible energy efficiency improvements and security concerns. Graded tags are utilised to transmit the perils of a piece of machinery or notify employees of ongoing repairs.

Contact Alba Electrical Murarrie for a customer focused, commercial electrical service. We don’t put a price on client satisfaction.

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